Boundaryless Hospital

Boundaryless Hospital - Rethink and Redefine Health Care Management


Horst Albach

Heribert Meffert (University of Muenster)

Andreas Pinkwart (HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management)

Ralf Reichwald (HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management)

Wilfried von Eiff (HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management)


Springer, 2016, Berlin Heidelberg.



This book discusses current health care challenges and new strategies for innovative solutions in this area from an interdisciplinary perspective of health care management, business economics, and medicine. It presents the idea of a “boundaryless hospital”, a conceptual model of a patient-centric, value-based health network that overcomes typical sectorial, organizational, and geographical boundaries and offers greater efficiency and better quality outcomes for patients.


Effective health care for a growing and aging population is a major challenge for economies all over the world. New breakthroughs in medical technology and pharmaceuticals as well as digitization provide scope for more efficiency and for a better quality of health care. Novel organization forms and management concepts are key for coping with the increasing cost pressure observed in most health care systems. The contributions in this volume present innovative strategies for developing and implementing the concept of a boundaryless hospital. They highlight experiences from various countries and with different treatments.